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Piyush Jeswani

Strong Believer in Automation. I am a test automation expert with hands on experience in Java and Typescript .

I specialize in:

Java Type Script Selenium  Protactor Test Automation Framework Development

About Piyush

 Hello, I am Piyush Jeswani, I am expert in Java, Typescript, Protractor, and Selenium & QA practises and deliverables.
To me, automation is integral part of my life hence I see and try to automate everything either in daily life chores or my testing. I am passionate to write so that I can avoid doing the same things once again. I love to improvise and enhance my depth every morning with new articles and other passionate people. Mentorship is not learnt, its built on its own when one wants to share knowledge and I believe I started from school and therefore my first mentorship delivery was not really was my first and now I don’t have count.!!
Come let’s transform each other, little of my mentorship , more of your technical hold!!

I am available for:

156 mentees trained

25 mentees trained

200 mentees trained

Technology Expertise

Java, Typescript, Selenium, Protractor, Test Automation, Framework Development.

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